Terms of Service

  • Heart of the Rat is a “Closed Rattery”. To prevent illness and/or external parasites from entering our Rattery, we do not allow others to enter our home. We will meet you at an nearby location. This is for the safety of our rats and your future pets. We will not give out our address, a close by address may be provided. We DO NOT deliver or meet at another location than the one provided under any circumstances. Please make sure you can make a trip out to Snowflake/Taylor to pick up your rat(s).
  • We do not adopt out rats younger than 8 weeks of age. This is an important time in their development and they need their mother and siblings.
  • We will not knowingly adopt out a rat that is ill. *Please see our return policy for details
  • All our rats are expected to get along with each other without proper introduction, any rat that shows sign of aggression is permanently cut from the breeding program. This is to improve the temperament of our line and make adjusting to your home a simple process. *Note: Our rats may not attack your rats, but there is no guarantee yours will not attack ours, please practice proper introductions!
  • We reserve the right to refuse adopting out rats to anyone for any reason.
  • Rats can be reserved when their eyes open. Deposit must be paid to reserve a rat. First come, first serve. NO EXCEPTIONS!
  • We will not adopt out single rats unless there is at least one other rat in the home. Rats are community animals and can become depressed and ill if housed alone. If there are no other rats in the residence, you must adopt a same sex pair.
  • We will not adopt out pairs of different sexes, you may only go home with one sex.
  • You will receive a digital copy of the litter’s pedigree(if applicable) via email, if a pedigree is not available, I will supply you with the parents, date of birth, and contact information.

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