Adoption Contract

This contract will be printed and signed at pickup.


Other Details:


Name of rat Description Date of birth Date of adoption
xxx xxx xxx xxx
xxx xxx xxx xxx

Fee paid:

PROMISE OF _________________

  • I have examined the rats prior to adoption and I am satisfied with their condition and health at the time of adoption.
  • I agree to take good care of the rats and will ensure they receive whatever treatment may be necessary to keep them in good health. I agree to feed a suitable diet and provide suitable housing and enrichment.
  • I agree to keep them as pets, and not to breed from them nor allow any other party to breed from them without written permission from Heart of the Rat Rattery.
  • I agree that if I am no longer able to keep the rats, Heart of the Rat Rattery will be informed and given the opportunity to readopt the rats.
  • I agree to provide ongoing information about the health and temperament of these rats when requested
  • I understand that these rats are not necessarily of show quality, but that I may show them in pets or varieties classes as suitable.

Signed ________________
Date __________________

PROMISE OF Heart of the Rat Rattery

  • I am satisfied that these rats are healthy and in good condition to the best of my knowledge.
  • I do not guarantee that these rats are of show quality, but I am happy that they be shown in pets or varieties classes at rat shows.
  • I confirm that that the family tree and other information provided with these rats is correct to the best of my knowledge.
  • I confirm that if these rats may be returned to me at any time without questions asked if their new owner is unable to continue to keep them. If they are part of a bonded group then I am happy to negotiate with the breeders of the rest of the group to find the best solution for them.

Signed: Katerina

Thank you to for providing a written adoption contract.

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